Daylight Savings - All In Or All Out

Thursday 4 October, 2012

As the brighter, earlier mornings of summer are upon Queensland, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) warns against the introduction of a split time zone in Queensland to appease advocates of daylight saving in the State.

CCIQ has previously and extensively surveyed the Queensland business community on daylight savings, canvassing more than 2300 businesses across a range of industries from both South East and regional Queensland. 

Business views confirm that the majority of Queensland businesses support the introduction of daylight saving but not at the cost of a split time zone across the state.

Although three in five businesses state-wide support the implementation of daylight saving for Queensland, this support falls to only one in three businesses if daylight saving is introduced in South East Queensland (SEQ) only.

The adoption of two time zones simply shifts the cost impacts of not having daylight savings from SEQ to Regional Queensland but at the same time significantly exacerbates the financial impact of this issue.

Many Queensland businesses have indicated that the absence of daylight saving in Queensland has had an impact on their business through increased hours of operation, increased costs, reduced sales and lower employee productivity.  However feedback identifies the negative financial impacts would be significantly heightened if Queensland’s time zone was split.

These results indicate that Queensland needs to implement daylight savings comprehensively across the state or not at all as the evidence overwhelmingly suggests a split time zone would have an overall detrimental effect on the Queensland economy.

Click here to see a copy of the CCIQ survey results.

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